Underground Earth House

This is just beautiful, and worth linking to. I love the gesture to incorporate the felled trees into the retaining wall, and wanting those spots to decay naturally.

sustainable design, green design, sustainable architecture, green building, Byoung Soo Cho, underground houses, Korea, green architecture, recycled materials, Earth House

Korean architect Byoung Soo Cho has built an underground house outside Seoul. Called Earth House, it’s not as fancy as some iterations of the subterranean abode, drawing instead on Cho’s very unpretentious inspirations: Taoist minimalism and the utilitarianism of the silos, barns and sheds Cho has come to love as a professor atMontana State University. Arguably, the Korean House also reveals a love of big sky: the 23-foot square courtyard is really the crown jewel of the place, which consists of six tiny rooms built mainly of concrete andrecycled wood.

Read the rest of Seoul Gains An Underground Earth House by Byoung Soo Cho


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